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I enjoy thinking about complex things, while keeping my life and its daily
pleasures uncomplicated. I find envy and greed distasteful. I also prefer
freedom over being controlled, and I am willing to grant that freedom to
others, rejecting arguments of potential harm. I like to reduce reliance on
systems and institutions in my life - my education (school, then bachelor's,
master's, and doctorate degree in computer science), while largely provided by
some of those systems and institutions, has provided me with some clarity on
where and why they do go wrong.

I sometimes spend time on research, including (in no praticular order):
* Software Engineering
* Programming Languages
* Software Synthesis
* Theorem Proving
* Applications of the above to engineering and logistics

I like programming and I've tinkered with lots of programming languages: Scala,
Java, Coq, Haskell, Python, C, Idris, (Ba)sh, OCaml, C#, F#, ...  just to name
a small subset. I also build computers and like to tinker with operating
systems (currently I'm running Gentoo, NixOS, Artix, OpenBSD, and various
others that are encapsulated in docker images).

You can find some of my projects on Github [2] [3]. One of the most prominent
projects is the cls framework [4]. To get an impression of what I do, you can
also check my @/publications . 

I was a post-doc in Jakob Rehof's group at the chair for software engineering,
TU-Dortmund (Germany) [1] and now work for itemis [8].

I've also worked with lots of @/students over the past and I'm very proud of
what they managed to do.

I organized the first instance of the Unsound Workshop [5].

If you want to learn about programming, make sure to check my friend Marco
Servetto's excellent Youtube channel [6]!

If all of this is too technical, and you want to find out what makes me tick,
check the short description of my current views on @/philosophy .

My old (outdated) block le-monad is also still archived online [7].

[1]: https://ls14-www.cs.tu-dortmund.de/cms/de/test/SEAL/index.html
[2]: https://github.com/JanBessai
[3]: https://github.com/combinators
[4]: https://github.com/combinators/cls-scala
[5]: https://unsound-workshop.org
[6]: https://www.youtube.com/c/MarcoServetto
[7]: http://janbessai.github.io
[8]: https://www.itemis.com/