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In between the walls

Yesterday we spent the rest of the day shopping for a USB cable to get the
pictures off my camera. I didn't want to waste my time setting up a WiFi
hotspot and so bought the world's most luxurious cable in a camera shop that
seemed to be overwhelmed by actually having a customer. We also got a swimming
suit for the hotel pool, and had some Japanese food before spending a jetlagged
afternoon at the hotel. Here are some impressions of it:

We also went to Intramuros [1] today. It is the old town of Manila that was
used as a fortress by Chinese pirates, the Spanish, other conquerors, and most
recently the US.

Fortunately, times are more peaceful now and what was once a military
installation is is now a beautiful park. Those who know my favorite desktop
background over the years (other than lake Ohrid) may guess how happy I was to
find the motive back there

The park also had beautiful lights in between the trees and a live singer, who
was exceptional (even behind his Covid mask) and granted us a wish. We just
felt a little sad learning that it was the favorite song of his ex-girlfriend.

Later we also found our way through the mazy old town to Manila Cathedral and
the Bayleaf hotel [2] where we wanted to sit at the Skylounge, but it had a
closed event. Making our way through the narrow crowded streets of the old city
was a real adventure, but also a little stressful, so we returned to the hotel. 

Friends and family not afraid to get diabetes of the sweet pictures may also
click here:

[1]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intramuros
[2]: https://www.thebayleaf.com.ph/bayleaf-intramuros-hotel